How to actually “love yourself”

We hear all about it, self love. Love you. Love yourself. Take time for you.

Its good too look in the mirror and say “you look cute today”, but do you think about that multiple times a day, or on the days we didn’t take our time to get ready? The answer is probably no. We spend most of our waking days worrying and thinking about whats worrying us, where we work, who we need to be, but we don’t take the time to think about what is positives are being said and repeated in our heads. In human nature, we tend to only focus on he bad because it gets our heart beating at a different pace. When good passes through our mind, we get so content with it we forget to pay attention.

When someone says love yourself, instead of looking down at your feet and thinking about the outfit your wearing and if you actually like it, take 5 really deep breaths. We need to start loving our bodies from inside out more. We need to remember that a breath in the chest is the opening to anxiety, where as breathing through the belly will relax the mind. Consciously making these decisions will allow our bodies to thank us with better health in the long run. We need to explore ourselves more and understand that our bodies are working really hard everyday to do what they do, so we need to listen. When you have dreams, explore them. Listen to your dreams because this is the world speaking to you through your silent mind.

Take time to actually LOVE yourself. When your body is speaking to you listen. When depression kicks in, grieve and grow. If your body is hurting from the amount of ice cream you’re eating stop. If you really don’t think you should go out for another drink tonight, DON’T! (you can always go and still have fun until your mind tells you to go) If you can barely get yourself out of bed that day, make sure you have some essential oils in a diffuser when you take time to relax. Download a meditation app and try it out, its a great habit to pick up in bed. If something is bothering you, talk about it to someone, certain people are alot more caring than we actually think. Look down at your hands and understand the beautiful things they can do.

We always wish things that come so easy but won’t do anything to make them happen. An easy thing to do is listen to the repetitive stories in our head an ask if we want to do something about it or just keep listening, this is the first step to growth. Time after time I noticed the times I loved myself least was when I was arguing thoughts in my brain instead of just allowing them to happen. Write out all of your thoughts onto a piece of paper and label then Wants, Needs, and Worries. Once you have those written out you can now understand where your head is at that very second

Self love is understanding ourselves. If we don’t truly know what were dealing with, how do we know what to love? We come into peoples worlds as this blank canvas and we are the ones who need to start paying attention to whats going on in our heads. We, at times can convince our selves that we are crazy or foolish or terrible. Even to the point where if we see someone smiling and laughing while looking our way, we freeze and feel attacked. We are all human. We spend these times creating our own stories. To be in love with yourself first will create the most beautiful one. To ignore what our minds are trying to tell us and going on with whats in front of us and try to ignore our gut. We have to fall in love with ourselves as this will forever be our most important relationship. Love your joy, your smile, your loyalty. Take your kindness with you wherever you go and continue to spread love. People want to love, love! If you continue to hold yourself off when you are feeling down and not allowing yourself to pull yourself out of your negative thoughts, more negative thoughts arise and you’ll noticed people complaining more. The universe does this funny thing that always gives what you give, and if you don’t give to yourself, why are you holding yourself back?

Everything we do is a choice, its just about how often we pay attention to these choices. Listen to your first instinct. Follow what you want to do, but take care of yourself to the fullest in the meantime. Understand you may be your own worst enemy at times, but you can turn that around to being your own best friend. Take yourself on dates, cook yourself a really nice dinner, maybe go take a class to learn something new. Always love yourself before anyone else, and if you find thats too hard, try to be alone for a while, you may be draining all your love into what might be taking your confidence away.

Everything takes time. Be patient with yourself.





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