About me

My name is Ali, 

I’ve always been really into art. From the time I was old enough to hold a paintbrush I was creating, from there my parents motivated me to sell my paintings at 14. Its been an on going passion of mine ever since, but I continue to have a hard time making time for it anymore. The summer after I graduated high school in 2014 until about April 2015, right before I went into school for Esthetics, I had no job and all I did was paint. I discovered a lot about myself in that time alone and realized how important human connection was to me. I studied the how the world works through frequencies and vibrations, started to balance out my life through learning more about chakras, and started flipping my time from sulking to showing gratitude for the little things. Through this little lifestyle change, I decided to join the local yoga studio and start connecting with the people in my life who started impacting me the most.

My past has taught me to be there for myself when others choose not to be, and being alone isn’t a terrible thing. At the time being, I didn’t feel that way at all. I was very much a loner throughout elementary and junior high with one or two very close friends to help lead each-other through. As teenagers we are all so caught up in the space around us and I was consistently consumed with this anxiety to be good enough. I tried to be friends with anyone I could and didn’t understand why the acceptance of others wasn’t fully there. I never really felt like myself because I was always worried about what other people were saying, consuming myself with negativity. I shifted friendships and dated guys always hoping to find a little more of myself, but never overwhelmed with the happiness. Through a few episodes of depression and spending my time pulling myself back out, I’ve discovered where my balance lies. We are all human and we all go through these things, but we never take the time to open up. Through the silence, I’ve learned we need to take time to be heard and I choose to be a open supportive vent to those who need me in my life. Take the time to let go.

Throughout travelling in the different countries I’ve been to, I’ve been able to expand, explore and open my heart to people I have never met or know nothing about. I gain so much gratitude when I go to all these different countries, knowing that people live minimalistically can smile and share and spread love on a daily basis. I’ve realized my life was on a halt because I wasn’t allowing myself to have a perspective switch with whats going on around me. Life is completely controlled by perspective and if we don’t take the time to make these shifts, our life doesn’t change.

Be free in you mind. Be happy. Be you. Expand your mind.

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