Home Sickness

Sometimes while traveling we get caught up in the “newness” of everything and tend to get overwhelmed. This is one of our leading causes to home sickness. We lose sense of the beauty in front of us and the realization we are challenging our limits. While traveling, the one thing I will do to stay in the moment is wake up for sunrise and watch the sunset, for at least half of my trip, or whenever I start to question things. I’ve learned there’s peace anywhere you take time to find it, and you can choose to be the calm in the storm.

When life gets away on you while traveling, remember that we have all felt this way. It’s your time now to explore so when you feel homesick, understand that next year you’ll be craving where you last traveled. You can make home anywhere you go with some relaxing music and a warm cup of soup.

Take time to talk to your loved ones back at home, but remember to take time for the ones in front of you as well. The people you will meet while traveling will be your forever family, even if you never physically talk to them again afterwards. Keep these people close in the moment because you’ll feel more homesick being away from the people you attracted along the way.

You worked so hard to get where you are now. You’ll never be in this moment again, so just be in the moment. We are objects of our mind and create stories that we believe are true. We need to start taking control of the mental path we lead ourselves down and understand that everything will be just fine if we allow it to be.

Send love everywhere you go. Understand travelers along they way may be going through home sickness as well and be a person they can talk to. When things get crazy, bring yourself back to this moment and understand everything goes on. Just be.