Letting Go

“Just relax. Move on.”

This is easier said than done. When it comes to letting go, a lot of the time the change is scary. Moving on is one of the hardest parts in life, it’s taking everything as a renewal rather than a failure. Whether this is moving on from a job, a relationship, a friendship or a loss in general or trauma, its hard to look as these moments as moving forward instead of stepping back.

Everything happens for a reason, it is what it is and all we can do to change it is put trust in our intuition (see past blog posts for guidance). It’s almost not about controlling what is happening around you, but controlling what you can do to change your mindset about the situation. I’ve started doing this thing for myself that every time a bad or negative subject arises, I finish it on a positive note.  By doing this, you’re not allowing your mind to feed into the negativity, allowing it to grow and become bigger and worsen situation.

I spent years trying to control around me what was instead of removing myself from certain situations, dwelling and constantly asking why nothing was ever changing. The reason nothing was changing was because I had this mindset that the more I repeated myself about wanting something to change, it would just automatically change! The toxic thing about this is, you put so much energy in fighting everything around you without putting the energy into asking what can I change about myself to make me stop feeling this way, and by the time you realize this, you are exhausted and worn out.

By allowing life to take over and understand that some days will be bad, but most days are good, you can control how every subject in your life happens. Through friends betraying you, look at it as life forcing someone to be removed away from you who was toxic for your growth. If a friend passes away, take it as a time for you to be able to strengthen yourself and send more love than ever to the people around you. If a relationship goes south, take it as a love lesson learned so you understand what you want and are looking for a person, an awakening that there are 7 billion people around you so someone will be different for you. If you start disliking your job, take it as an opportunity to try something new, maybe this isn’t what you always strived for and wanted. Understand the world isn’t against you and isn’t trying to make you feel like everything is falling apart, but rather strengthening you to make different decisions in the future.

Sometimes things will be really hard to overcome. Life won’t always make sense but if you keep yourself moving forward and understanding life is in a consistent loop of change, you will find it easier to move on. Surrender yourself to the world, observe everything that happens around you and use it as a lesson for you to become stronger. You have to power to turn any situation into a positive one and the only person stopping you from doing that is you.