Recreating What a Normal Life Is

It’s normal to have goals, dreams and motives and we are taught to follow them and allow them to stem from yourself to build into success. We are taught to do things that make us happy and fill our soul. We are also taught that a normal life includes a career, a 9-5 job working 5 days a week, a job that will give us pension and to have a house big enough for the family we are told we should build. We spend hours of the day stressing that what we’re doing is making us happy, even if it isn’t, but instead of changing it we stay put in this safe zone. This is the norm. This is why 1 out of 4 people around the world deal with depression overtaking them on a daily basis.
We aren’t raised knowing that you can live a life switching jobs when our heart desires that we move on and are unhappy where we are. We weren’t taught that you can work 6 months out of the year and explore for the other 6 months. We are told that we need all these things that are bigger and better than what we already have, even though we were living perfectly fine with what we had last week. Consumerism has taken over the world, with what we wear, what we eat, what products we use and how we use them. We are coming up to a point in this world where we need to be the change.
I’ve learned from living out of a backpack that it’s okay to only own 2 sweaters, 3 pairs of pants, a few pairs of shorts, some dresses and some shirts. I’ve learned that these people you want to have in your life love you and won’t judge you if you found a sweater at a second hand store for $5.
I’ve learned I may be more in danger close to home, a close friend growing up with you could be more harm to you and your mind than a stranger across the world passing by. There are so many good people in the world around us willing to help us out, to get us to our next step and to allow us to indulge in their culture. There are women and children everywhere trying to keep each other safe that will protect you as their own if you’re alone on the street.
I’ve learned that if you don’t trust someone, you don’t need to keep them close. This is a life of change and it’s okay to let life flow like water watching people come and go, you may just be walking down a street and run into a loved one in a completely different country without knowing they were there. Life will allow these things to happen when they need to. I’ve learned it’s okay to love people. You don’t have to completely close yourself off because someone has hurt you in the past, there are more people like yourself around the world than you know. Let people in, let them go when you need to.
Don’t settle.
Don’t just stop somewhere because you don’t know where you are going with your life. If there is an offer to go somewhere or do something and it feels right, take it. Take these opportunities as your gut telling you this is the next step to success, maybe not with wealth but within your soul. It may be just what you needed to become your next best you.
If you are scared, be scared but ask yourself why and unravel where it stems from. This life is a journey. Some days you may need guidance but until you allow yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable, you may be caught in this snowball of anxiety.
Don’t be scared to be temporarily happy. You may have stressful days consumed with worry, but make the next day a day of mental relaxation. Be the change, and don’t be afraid to change.