Testimonials from Island Life 2018

“I’ve come to realize after Island Life and talking to Ryan about it briefly,it’s not important how proud my father is of me as long as i’m proud of myself, and that i’m not in competition with my sister. After realizing this, I called my sister and told her about Island Life and the amazing experience that i had, and the was the best conversation I had with her in probably 10 years for a few reasons, 1. Shes been on this spiritual train for a while and I never understood it until now. 2. I no longer resented her for her accomplishments and 3. I came to realize that my opinion of how big or small her accomplishments were still accomplishments and that she should be proud of herself and my father should be proud too. After my apology she broke out into happy tears and I finally have a strong healthy relationship with my sister for the first time in about a decade.” -Jeff

Photo by http://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com

“ Last night from Charlotte to Hartford Connecticut a passenger, Bennett: – wanted to tell me how genuine he felt about my being … how kind I was and that I was so happy and genuinely happy and when I was serving every single passenger he said he felt as if each individual felt cared for and loved in my service and special- not just like they were getting a drink but truly cared for and that he could see that in their eyes. He also understood about meditation etc. and said I truly made him happy and his grandmother passed away yesterday and it’s been hard and that I lifted him up. I gave him a hug and it was a longer than usual passenger hug. And I swear he teared up a little, I’m getting so emotional with these comments I’ve been receiving post island life experience, got kinda intense talking because we were actually holding eye gaze for quite some time. Interestingly I feel I am attracting people that will understand my story and my experience on island life… it’s like people want to know how and why I am how I am now. It’s quite honoring and humbling.” -Melissa

“A big part of the self love thing or me at the moment, is really committing to undo-ing all of that and getting it out. And honestly, just feeling so seen and respected and held by all of you on the Island did a lot to show me how I deserve to feel, which is worthy of love. And you’ve all helped me figure out how to take those next steps with people in my life. ” -Amanda