Traveling with Anxiety

Traveling with anxiety. This set is about helping you choose what trips might be right for you, how to decide if you will enjoy the place your going and understand how to cope with flying. Following along, and adventuring endlessly

Understanding anxiety:
Ive had anxiety since I was about 12. There’s always this thought at the back of my mind that i’m in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, yet somehow i’m still alive and well day to day. Our mind has close to 70,000 thoughts a day, and with anxiety, a small portion of those are free. Day to day we allow these thoughts to consume our head without telling our mind that these are not true. when these thoughts repeat over and over, our mind makes this shift into thinking these thoughts are real and continue to become our beliefs. When they consume us, we distance our self from this reality in front of us because we assume its the wrong way and eventually isolate. Its time to train our minds and allow ourselves to shift out of this anxious spiral and recreate our realities.

Taking the plunge:
I first started to travel across the country with my school. This allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and force myself to interact with people who I normally wouldn’t. If you have already graduated or your school doesn’t offer these programs, start searching around for tour groups for people with similar interests and age groups, I promise you there will be someone feeling the exact same way as you do.
Another good step into travel is trying out an all inclusive. This allows you to stay and socialize at your resort if you are uncomfortable exploring more local areas or have trouble planning where to go. While you’re there you can always plan an excursion with a tour group!
A big comfort for me also is being a part of a travel Facebook group! I personally love the group Girls Love Travel, there is over 500k members from around the world so if you are ever someone, wither lost, unsafe or just lonely, there’s someone in the world close by!

Booking the trip:
DON’T FEEL GUILTY SPENDING MONEY ON TRAVEL! I have learned so much about myself that I couldn’t learn from anyone else through travel and no one can take that away from me. There are so many ways to book online, its always good to ask around before booking to certain places though. You can find some really good deals if you take your time. I personally love going through the Life Before Work Travel group, but websites like or are amazing go to’s for me as well! I always search around before hand, but right before my trip i’ll clear my history and cookies on my phone because prices will normally raise if you look at them multiple times. I’ve also learnt its cheaper to book on Mondays or Tuesdays than any other day!
Flying is something I’ve never been completely comfortable with. The take off and landing is the most uncomfortable part of travel for me. From the ear popping, to babies crying and rocky roads, I have a hard time coping
and relaxing.

Ive learned that Gravol will continue to be my best friend on the plane and I never travel without gum, it really helps your ears pop when you think its the end of the world. I also do breathing techniques starting from the time they do the safety demonstration until the seat belt light turns off in the air (if i hadn’t fallen asleep yet). You breathe in for 5 breaths and our for 7, when that come easy to you, breathe in for 7 breaths and out for 9. Its amazing what controlling your own breath will do. I wont fly without lavender oil by Young Living, my eye mask or ear plugs. I usually try to book a window seat while travelling, its easiest to curl up with the wall next to you. If you uncomfortable with the though of heights, aisle seat is perfect and you can stretch out your legs often throughout the flight!

Try a few small flights before going on a flight for 10+ hours, there is quite a bit of prep if you will be on the plane for lengthy periods.

Traveling alone isn’t always easy. Do your first few trips with support. You will feel it out when you are ready to make that solo trip alone in the future!

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