Trusting your Intuition

You’ve probably heard the term “trust your gut” or “follow your heart”.  Everyday we have these reoccurring thoughts that process through our head, some that will lead you to seeing your dream world, others that will guide you to the truth around you. Some people call this your sixth sense, some people call this god, I call it taking control of your own mind. By understanding what this is, you can completely control and change your life to be exactly how you want to be.

When it comes to listening to that little voice, we tend to overthink what its telling us, questioning where these thoughts arise from. For example, you may have this feeling the job you are at isn’t fulfilling you, you know you want to be doing something else, but then you question “well I need to pay for bills and I need to make sure I can pay off my brand new car.” without taking in that there is other options for you to fulfill your life because you are comfortable and stagnant.

I think the moment I tapped into this intuitive sense was what I found out after being in a relationship for four years, I spent the final two of them questioning what was going on, how something felt weird, off, but with zero answers. I had a consistent voice in my head that he was being unfaithful to me, and when I talked to my best friend about it, all she told me was that he really loved me and was trying his hardest to work on things. I ‘trusted’ the voices around me rather than listening to my mind. By doing so, it put me into a depressive episode where I was constantly asking why I wasn’t getting these full answers, why I was feeling so shitty about myself, and why every time I put in 100% of my energy, I wouldn’t receive any back. This episode went on for about 6 months, with peaks of happiness, I found they only came up when I surrounded myself with things that helped me tap back into my mind (yoga, painting, meditating etc.). I went to this wonderful island in Panama for 6 days with the most amazing group of people and I brought my ex-boyfriend hoping it would mend what we were missing. I had so many deep conversations with so many amazing people (who I now consider my family away from home) and for once I felt like I was in the right place. A few weeks after getting home, I had a friend reach out to me telling me she suspected my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. She was right, it was going on for over a year. Out of pure devastation I wanted to give up.

I remember crying to my mom telling her I had no friends and how I lost everything and didn’t know how to proceed, so instantly she reminded me I was never alone. I phoned up a girl from work I went over to her house to clear my head. Within about a month, all the truths came out, he had moved on and I consciously started renewing myself. I forced myself to go out and meet new people, I took days to relax when I needed to, I partied a little more than I ever had before. Loved when I needed to learn and removed myself from situations when they didn’t feel right. I was finally alone, finally in control of what I wanted to do when I wanted to do without questioning it, I’ve kind of turned my life into a game this way.

I had this constant idea that I needed to leave, how I was never fully happy with almost everything I did. I’ve always known I was a traveler, I felt euphoric getting off that plane no matter how crappy the ride there. I always wanted to travel solo and go at my own pace, but out of fear of loneliness have always brought someone without realizing the whole trip I was focused on making them happy while setting myself aside. By dropping fear and not thinking of the worst thing that could happen, I’ve been blessed with receiving the good karma I had tried to work towards my whole life.

Through this solo travel, I’ve started by listening to the first thought in my head. If someone asks if id like to go out and check out a bar, you’ll instantly have that yes or no feeling. If you have that no feeling, LISTEN. You may go back to the hostel and think you’re missing out on the party and find out the next day, 2 out of 3 people you were supposed to go out with got into a fight and split up, ending the night early and decreasing the energy around them. You may feel the exact opposite. Maybe a guy asks you if you’d like to join him for dinner and at first you think “yeah I’m reeeally hungry, that sounds like a good place to go” but when you leave your place you start to question everything everyone puts in your head, like he will hurt or take advantage of you because you’re putting yourself in this position where this person is alone with you, when truly your never alone, without realizing this person could end up being your best friend who you travel to different countries with and actually end up using as a safety net when you are out. You obviously want to be safe, but notice the difference between fear gathered through others and fear built by yourself. Your intuition will tell you exactly what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it.

How do you tap in? Listen to that first thought, go with it. If you miss out on a day, maybe it was for the best, you can always try tomorrow. If you start walking somewhere and it doesn’t feel right, turn around. If your body tells you to take a cab 2 minutes up the road instead of walking, do it. If your constantly questioning why your in a relationship, leave it. If your friends don’t fulfill you with happiness, find ones who do. Listen, the more you listen the louder it gets. The more you fight it the more difficult life will be. Some times you have to put yourself through discomfort to find the comfort, but question what you are learning from it.

If you have any questions, always feel free to send me a message using the communication link or sending me a message on Instagram. Thanks for reading!